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The grandson of the founder of the company C. Hugo Pott, Hannspeter Pott, donated a prize for outstanding cutlery and objects of dining culture in memory of the design and innovation achievements of his grandfather Carl Hugo and his father Carl Pott.

The POTT: DESIGN-AWARD is in the tradition of the well-known cutlery manufactorer from Solingen, C. Hugo Pott, who created modern classics with his designs for cutlery and dining culture and received numerous international awards. The price is divided in two parts:

1. The POTT: SENIOR-AWARD is designed to reward experienced designers who have made outstanding contributions to the innovative design of dining culture objects.

2. With the POTT: JUNIOR AWARD an awareness of the cutlery design and dining culture should be generated in the younger generations.


For the POTT: DESIGN-AWARD 2017 new ideas for the classic cutlery were expected.
As materials all metals were allowed, other materials could be used in addition. For the JUNIOR-AWARD only submission templates or prints were needed (no files!).
The prize is tied to the German Blade Museum in Solingen and the local Pott Archive. It is  awarded and advertised by the German Blade Museum in co-operation with the association of the "Friends of the German Blade Museum e. V.". The results will be presented in an exhibition in the museum.

"We start with the function an the then rely to the form." (Carl Pott)


The jury meeted in the German Blade Museum. She selcted the AWARD-winners and the exhibition participants. The decision of the jury is final. The legal process is excluded.
The jury consisted of:

Dr. Barbara Grotkamp-Schepers Former directress of the German Blade Museum
Dr. Gabrielle Lueg Trustee Design an Art
Jochen Heufelder Trustee
Dr. Angelika Nollert Directress The New Collection – The Design Museum, Munich
Barbara Friedrich Journalist, longtime editor-in-chief of "Architektur & Wohnen"
Hannspeter Pott as observer without vote


POTT: JUNIOR-AWARD (three prices 1 000 € each)

The jury can distribute the amount of the prize money differently. The winning designs become part of the collection of the German Blade Museum. 



The pre-jury examines the transmittals to the JUNIOR-AWARD and selects the submissions, which are to be presented as three-dimensional objects. The pre-jury consists of Dr. Barbara Grotkamp-Schepers, Dr. Gabrielle Lueg, Jochen Heufelder and – as observer – Hannspeter Pott. After this meeting the selected participants will be notified and invited to submit their works/s.


Selection of the winners and exhibitors of the POTT: SENIOR-AWARD.


All submissions must be free of charge, adressed to: Deutsches Klingenmuseum, Klosterhof 4, D – 42653 Solingen. The return will be made at cost of the German Blade Museum.


The award ceremony and opening of the exhibition started on October 15th, 2017, at 12 o'clock in the museum. The exhition can be seen until February 25th, 2018. A brochure regarding to the rewarded works is planned.


The POTT: SENIOR-AWARD is a limited competition of invitation. Designers, metal designers and silversmiths, who have created dining-culture-objects of outstanding quality in the last few years, are invited. Expected are three-dimensional designs (also already produced drafts) or samples for three classical cutlery parts (fork, knife, spoon) as well as if necessary two further, freely selected, pieces of cutlery / serving cutlery are expected. Each participant can submit a maximum of three papers. In addition, sketches, templates, illustrations, computer graphics as well as conceptual and technical explanations are welcome. The submissions should not be older as ten years. Each submitted design, selected if necessary, will be shown at the exhibition.

The POTT: JUNIOR-AWARD is an open competition. It is especially addressed at young designers and design studios as well as at students of design schools and design colleges. Expected are three classical parts of cutlery (fork, knife, spoon) as well as two further, freely selected, pieces of cutlery / serving cutlery. Each participant can submit a maximum of two papers. The submitted dosuments have to consist exclusively of templates, illustrations, computer graphics as well as conceptual and technical explanations, e. g. to manufacturing process and materials (no files!). Afterwards selected candidates are asked for three-dimensional submissions. The works should not be older as three years.

The selected participants will make their work available for the entire durance of the exhibition. The value of the items in euros stated by the sender is the insured value. The insurance service of the organizer begins with the arrival of the work/s and ends at the time, the recipient regains the consignment. In case of damage only material costs and working hours are replaced. The work and packing has to withstand multiple unpackaging and packaging.

The registration form is here.




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