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Exhibition: “It started rather harmlessly …”

The Collection Jochen Amme

28. NOV 2020 – 05. SEP 2021

Historic Cutlery and their shape change from the Early Stone Age to the mid-20th Century

“It started rather harmlessly. I was looking for silverware for everyday use. I knew next to nothing about old cutlery.” This is how Jochen Amme (1935 – 2016), attorney from Hamburg, once described the beginning of his passion for historic cutlery.

From his first pieces – a classicist cutlery set – grew one of the most extensive and exciting private collection in Germany. It presents the complete cultural history of eating utensils, from stone blades to contemporary knife designs.
Jochen Amme’s books on historical cutlery and its development are considered standard works; museums in Germany and abroad relied on his expertise.

Before his collection will now, after Jochen Amme’s death, be offered for sale, his family agreed to present it for a last time at Deutsches Klingenmuseum, the German Blade Museum. The exhibition will not only show one of the most beautiful cutlery collections, but will also tell of the man behind it, and the human fascination with collecting.




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