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Workshops, lectures and demonstrations

Practical workshops for fencing techniques of different times and cultures will be held over the entire duration of the sword festival in a sports hall in the immediate vicinity of the Klingenmuseum. More detailed information on the program and possible costs will be available soon on this page.

Furthermore, lectures and demonstrations will be given: For the former, the museum provides appropriate rooms with lectern, seating, and a beamer. Demonstrations on swordsmanship and sword making can be held in the museum court yard or the new museum forge. The latter is equipped with several anvils and a gas forge – ample room for a sword maker’s creativity!

Workshops, Lectures and Demonstrations can be booked in advance – but a part of the available seats should remain free until the beginning of the Sword Festival, so that even the short-determined still have a chance. Whether free of charge or with participation fee: Exhibitors who organize a workshop, lecture or demonstration will be exempted of the table fees.

The events can be aimed at beginners as well as professionals, children or adults. We are looking forward to your suggestions! Feel free to contact us with your ideas, by email to schwertfestival@solingen.de.

The complete Sword Festival schedule: workshops, lectures, demonstrations. 


Unsere Fechtworkshops sind bereits vollständig organisiert, in unserer Schmiedewerkstatt ist allerdings noch Platz für Programm, sodass Vorschläge für handwerkliche Workshops, beispielsweise für Schmiedetechniken, herzlich willkommen sind. | Our program concerning fencing workshops is already organised. However, our forge is not yet fully utilized, so suggestions for handicraft workshops, for example in forging techniques, are welcome.

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Das Vortragsprogramm des SchwertFestivals ist bereits sehr vielfältig. Hier haben wir allerdings noch "Slots" zur Verfügung – daher freuen wir uns sehr über Ihre Vorschläge! | The lecture programme of the Sword Festival is already quite diverse. But we still have 'slots' available – so we are looking forward to your suggestions!

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Die Vorführungen werden wir in etwa gleichen Abständen über beide Festivaltage verteilen. Ein buntes Programm haben wir bereits für Sie zusammengestellt – Vorschläge sind aber auch hier weiterhin willkommen! | The demonstrations will be distributed at approximately equal intervals over both festival days. We have already organized a colourful programme for you – suggestions are still welcome here, too!

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  • Täglich 10 – 17 Uhr
  • Freitags 14 – 17 Uhr
  • Montags geschlossen