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Silverware: Art Nouveau

Around The Year 1900

A new art design evolved and spread internationally at the turn from the 19th to 20th century: “Art Nouveau”. Artists and designers dismissed the historical design form of the 19th century and searched for a truly new design concept, with the goal, “to penetrate all of the areas of life with art”. The aesthetically non satisfying industrial mass production should be replaced with art (created with traditional craftsmanship).
Both the basic form of the art nouveau dining ware as well as the decorative decor  followed the new -artistic and everyday spanning design.

In 1904, during the same time period, the foundation of the modern day collection in the “German Blade Museum” was laid. The first piece of the collection that was acquired in 1904 was actually art nouveau silverware. Up until today the stockpile of  art nouveau silverware sets has grown to over 500 different models.