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The POTT: DESIGN-AWARD was inititated by Hannspeter Pott, grandson of the founder of the company C. Hugo Pott, to  commemorate his grandfather‘s achievements in design and innovation. It is awarded for outstanding designs of cutlery and tableware. C. Hugo Pott‘s Solingen-based company developed cutlery and tableware designs that received multiple international awards and had a lasting impact on post-war table culture. They became modern classics.

The POTT: DESIGN-AWARD primarily intends to promote young designers or design studios, and students of design schools and colleges. Of course, experienced designers are also invited to participate. The prize will be announced and awarded by Deutsches
Klingenmuseum (German Blade Museum) in Solingen in collaboration with the society of the “Freunde des Deutsches Klingenmuseums e.V.” (Friends of the Museum). The outcome will be presented in an exhibition at Deutsches Klingenmuseum.

2017 A classic metal cutlery set
2019 Cutlery/utensils for burger eating


From 2021 disposable plastic cutlery will be prohibited. Previous users, for example fast food suppliers or larger scale parties, will need a replacement. The POTT: DESIGN-AWARD 2021 focusses on this new situation. We are looking for innovative designs for a
three-piece cutlery set and at least one additional utensil for eating or drinking (e.g. cup, bowl, serving piece), adhering to the following criteria:

• The cutlery should be made of alternative materials (harmless to health), and should withstand multiple cycles of use

• The handling should be equivalent to that of conventional cutlery

• High-quality design is expected, in contrast to the previous, rather simple designs made of plastic

Metal is also permitted as a material but should not be the main component of the design. For the preliminary jury, a dossier with master copies or printed designs (no files) has to be submitted (see below).

"We start with the function and proceed to the form."

(Carl Pott)


The jury holds its meetings at Deutsches Klingenmuseum. It chooses the award winners and the exhibition participants. The jury’s decision is conclusive. There is no legal recourse.

Peter Behrens, School of Arts, Department of Design, New Craft Object Design
Dr. Barbara Grotkamp-Schepers
, former director Deutsches Klingenmuseum
Jochen Heufelder, cultural manager and curator
Dr. Isabell Immel, deputy director Deutsches Klingenmuseum
Dr. Gabrielle Lueg, curator for design and art
Dr. Sascha Peters, HAUTE INNOVATION, Berlin
Jochen Zäh, University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf
Hannspeter Pott as observer without voting rights


5.000 Euro
3.000 Euro
2.000 Euro

The jury may distribute this prize money differently.


The preliminary jury assesses the dossiers and selects the submissions to be presented to the main jury as three-dimensional works. The preliminary jury consists of Dr. Barbara Grotkamp-Schepers, Dr. Gabrielle Lueg, Jochen Heufelder and Hannspeter Pott as observer. The chosen participants are subsequently informed and invited to hand in their work(s).

The main jury selects the award winners, and the exhibition participants.

The award ceremony and the exhibition opening will take place in October 2021 at Deutsches Klingenmuseum.
The exhibition will be shown until April 2021. An exhibition brochure will present the award-winning designs.


Submissions for the preliminary jury must be handed in by 1 April, 2021, 12 p.m., at Deutsches Klingenmuseum
in Solingen. They have to include:

• filled-in registration form
• short biography (digital)
• dossier with master copies or printed designs, as specified in the conditions of participation

The selection of the award winners and exhibition participants takes place in the main jury meeting.
The designs selected by the preliminary jury must be submitted to the main jury as three-dimensional works by 10 June 2021, 12 p.m., at Deutsches Klingenmuseum in Solingen.

In addition, the following must also be submitted:
Printable digital image data of the work on CD (min. 2,500 x 2,500 pixels and 300 dpi) with photo credit.
All items must arrive free of charge at Deutsches Klingenmuseum, Klosterhof 4, D – 42653 Solingen.
The return shipment will be sent by mail / DHL at the expense of Deutsches Klingenmuseum.


The POTT: DESIGN-AWARD is an open competition. It aims at designers and metal designers of the younger generation, but established designers are also welcome to participate. Designs (including designs already produced) or hand samples for cutlery and utensils made of alternative materials are welcome.

Each participant can submit up to three works. Drawn/printed documents (no files) for the preliminary jury can include scanned models, illustrations, computer graphics as well as conceptual and technical explanations, e.g. of the manufacturing process and materials. A printable digital image of the work on CD has to be included. The applicants selected by the preliminary jury will then be asked to submit three-dimensional entries. The works should not be more than 3 years old.

The selected participants will put their works at the disposal of the exhibition for its entire duration. The Euro value of the entries/works that the submitter declares is used as the insurance value. The organizer’s insurance coverage begins with the arrival of the work(s) and ends at the time the shipment leaves the museum. In the case of damage, only material expenses and work time will be compensated. The works must be capable of withstanding multiple unwrappings and rewrappings.

The registration form is here.




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